Beautiful Fig Appetizer

This one is simple, and speaks for itself. It’s fig season (my fave), so I wanted to come up with a creative appetizer that showcases the fig as well as some other burgeoning ingredients from Magnolia Gardens.



  • fig, sliced
  • papalo or other aromatic herb with big leaf (aesthetic)
  • basil flowers
  • manchego
  • pine nuts, toasted
  • agave nectar
  • serrano chiles, sliced

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Fig Appetizer

  1. haaa thank you seriously, just came to me. papalo was an ingredient that my friend/chef Christian Navarro of Hella Fraiche ( put me onto when we went to farmer’s market together. truth be told it’s very, um, aromatic, but is SUPER strong – smells like cilantro on steroids (soapy & citrusy). The leaves are beautiful though.

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