Quick, Delicious Halibut w/ Grape Tomato Balsamic

This is without a doubt the quickest, easiest recipe that I’ve made that actually came out like a quality meal. Thank you to FineCooking for the inspiration; that and the fine grape/cherry tomatoes growing at Magnolia Gardens. Halibut is slowly becoming one of my favorite fish(es), as it’s so meaty but still flakey when cooked properly. It holds its own flavor extremely well while simultaneously taking on the flavor of shared ingredients. Yum, it’s making my mouth water just thinking about last night’s meal.

I did amend the recipe by sautéing some yellow (maui) onion, garlic & shallots, then including that and cilantro with the tomato mixture. Holy moly this was good, easy – 15 minutes!!! – and such a perfect, light summer meal. Yum.



2 thoughts on “Quick, Delicious Halibut w/ Grape Tomato Balsamic

  1. Here’s a tip for keeping that pesky garlic from burning: try a “rough cut” as opposed to slicing or dicing the garlic. I find that it lasts longer and in my opinion sheds its flavor to other foods most potently. Enjoy!

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