Simple Stunning Side Salad

So basically my winter garden has seen its better days (ahem, in winter) and the spring crop is coming in taking its stead. Three remnant plants from winter are radish, carrots & peas, and while the radish are small and tasty, the peas don’t really form bulbous pods (or peas) and the carrots are becoming dry and hardened. That makes for limited appreciation of each ingredient at its freshest point – this necessitates creativity in preparation.

In this case, while trying to create a dish invoking all three elements, I decided simplicity was the key – the colors of each vegetable are so striking, especially against one another, and the flavors are all complementary. In what has to be the simplest preparation/recipe in my repertoire, I present to you this very gorgeous and sophisticatedly elegant side salad. Serve with quite literally anything, but serve alone to appreciate the aesthetics.

Screen shot 2014-04-03 at 7.41.17 PM



  • radish, sliced into rounds
  • carrots, peeled into strips
  • pea shoots, the softer & younger, the better
  • EVOO
  • flaked salt, like maldon
  • cracked pepper


  • salt radish lightly
  • combine vegetables
  • toss with oil
  • crack pepper to taste
  • serve, take picture, smile, eat




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