The Business (Cards) of Food

This is a project that’s been about a decade in the making. Inspired initially by my college roommate, and subsequently VMac and Cheese, I finally decided to put  a select segment of my business card collection on display:


The restaurants featured are:

  • Gordon Ramsay at the London
  • The Little Door
  • Spago
  • Fig
  • The Bazaar at SLS
  • Hinoki and the Bird
  • Melisse
  • Mozza
  • Gjelina
  • Sasabune
  • Alma
  • Chego
  • Providence
  • ink
  • Animal

These are the business cards from some of our favorite meals in Los Angeles. Singularly, Urasawa is featured as it’s the best individual meal experience I’ve ever enjoyed:


Finally putting those pack-rat skills to good use, I suppose. Tim, a shout out to you my Brooklynite Brother. Told you we’d finally get it done.


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