Appetizer (or dessert) for a Pear of Goats

While making some baby food for Felix last night, we had an extra half pear, and I also wanted dessert. Perfect timing, right? Well I’m actually not huge on pears, and I am generally reluctant to use them in cooking – or even have them in the house, really. Regardless, I know they pair well with cheese and we did happen to have some good goat cheese in the house. My wife has taken to utilizing honey as a main component of our cheese plates, so I knew that would accompany this budding dessert well. And pine nuts? When toasted, they add a rich, buttery flavor with a nice crisp texture. The balsamic would be the perfect balance because of the tart, sour notes.

In short, I’m pretty happy with the composition of this dish – the bonus is that it’s more appetizer than dessert, so feel free to use it for both. Yum.



  • sliced pear
  • goat cheese
  • honey
  • toasted pine nuts 
  • subtle drizzle of balsamic vinegar


  • toast pine nuts
  • dab goat cheese on pear slices
  • drip honey on each piece
  • subtly drizzle balsamic on goat cheese
  • add pine nuts
  • serve at a party and be the guilt-free hero



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