Magnolia Gardens: Winter, 2016

My winter planting started in November. Initially, it was radish and cilantro that would ‘test’ my soil – freshly turned with E.B. Stone Organic Planting Mix as well as their ‘Sure Start’ Fertilizer. The drought ravaged my garden throughout the summer, and the impending El Niño was a prime time to revitalize the earth in and around Magnolia Gardens. I figured I’d get a head start.

Radish grows and harvests rather easily, so within four-five weeks we pulled up a few dozen and enjoyed the veggies of our labor. The cilantro was a bit spottier, as we really only had about three bunches that grew proudly. As the calendar turned to 2016, it was time to get serious about a plan: I would focus on what pass for ‘winter’ vegetables in Southern California, and despite the threat of El Niño being more firm than the actual El Niño, we had enough rain to really produce a bounty for the winter harvest.

Here are some of my favorite photos from this past weekend:

a single pea pod amongst tendrils
a gaggle of pea pods
 budding broccoli
basil, surviving the ‘harsh’ winter
elery stalks shooting up
fine harvest of peas
russian kale
blood orange blossom
 arugula blossom
broccoli flowernavel orange blossom
navel orange blossom

Looking forward to Spring, when we can start to get some serious color and variety in the garden, kitchen and on our plates.

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